Studio A - 28th ST

Studio A is our daylight studio featuring an 18′ wide one corner cyc wall with multiple private green rooms & client areas. Can be combined with Studio B for a private full floor booking.

+ 11.5′ ceilings

+ Grid

+ 120 amps / 3 phase electric

+ Lights + Grip included

+ Hair / Makeup room

+ Freight elevator access


8x Profoto 7A Heads
4x Profoto 7A 2400w Packs
1x Profoto D4 2400w Air
1x Profoto Head Extension
3x Pocket Wizard Kit
2x Medium Soft Boxes
1x Large Soft Box
2x Small Soft Box
1x Set of Strips
4x Reflectors
3x Small Umbrellas
3 x Foba Stands w Manfrotto Heads
10 x C-Stands with arms
4 x Short C-Stands
10 x Sandbags
2 x Medium Roller
1 x Small Roller
4 x Autopoles
2 x 6’ speedrail
2 x 8′ speedrail
1 x Mini-boom
8x Apple Boxes
2x Apple Family
8 x A-Clamps
2 x Duckbill Clamps
6 x Cardellini Clamps
10 x Mafer Clamps
6 x Gobo Heads
4 x J-Hooks
6 x V-Flats
8 x Stingers + Power Strips
3 x Rolling Racks
3 x Steamer
1 x 6’ & 8′ Ladder

Broncolor Para 220 (w/ Profoto Adapter)
Broncolor Para 133 (w/ Profoto Adapter)
Chimera XX-Small Lightbank
Chimera X-Small Lightbank
Chimera Small Lightbank
Chimera Medium Lightbank
Chimera Large Lightbank
Chimera Speedring
Chimera Superpro Sm Strip Bank
Chimera Superpro M Strip Bank
Chimera Superpro Lg Strip Bank”
Elinchrom Octa Bank
Photek Umbrella Small
Photek Umbrella Medium
Photek Umbrella Large
Photek Diffusers (Sock) Small M or L
Profoto Umbrella White Med 41”
Profoto Umbrella Silver Med  41”